Sunday School





Sunday School - SGIOC Perth

This is a spiritual organisation functioning in all the parishes of the Orthodox Church throughout the world. It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church. The classes are conducted in Malayalam for the children in Kerala and for others in English. It has a separate wing for the outer Kerala region. 



♦ Develop an understanding of Bible to provide a strong foundation for Christian Living.

♦ Help our children understand that God has a plan for each of them.

♦ Lead our children to a personal commitment to follow Jesus.

♦ Learn to worship our Lord through singing and praying and help them remain in that commitment.


SGIOC Perth Sunday School is one of the most important Spiritual Organisation in our church. Sunday school aims to ensure our children are not left behind in spiritual growth in their upbringings. Spiritual growth is a lifelong process and successful integration and participation in other spiritual activities and making every individual an ideal Christian, comes from the platform laid at Sunday School. Sunday School is divided into classes based on age groups. Each group follows a set curriculum for each year. Our Academic year runs from February till November of each year. Annual exams are conducted at the end of each year.


Sunday School also conducts the Orthodox Vocational Bible School (OVBS) every year during school holidays, spanning 3 days. OVBS provides opportunities for Sunday school children to grow closer to Christ and His Church in a fun-filled learning environment.


Psalm 127:3  - "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing."


Sunday School President: Rev. Fr. Zakaria Mathew

Sunday School Headmaster: Mrs Julie Jacob